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About Alexis (AKA DeDe)

I have been a spiritually guided sovereign soul, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, lucid dreamer, theta healer, spiritual/metaphysical coach, empath, EFT practitioner. Etheric cord clearing and massage therapy – using essentials oils, energy movements, and muscle testing to holistically approach any issue. My teachers are many through over 30 years of this spiritual journey, however, many favorites include Dr. Greg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza. With so many healing modalities available to us, with not as much time as we would like to indulge them all, I found Theta Healing to be a most efficient method for deep changes on all levels. I look forward to supporting you on your journey as well. Thank you for the privilege and honor. 


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What is Theta Healing?

THETA HEALING® is a meditation technique combining science and spirituality to find the root of blocks, fears, programs, and tramas we hold onto for years… lifetimes.. that block us from our true inheritance! beliefs that hold us back from taking chances, or block our successes. Our thoughts with emotions = a creation! we live according to those creations! and that which we create unknowingly will continue to show up for us until we identify the hidden fear, or limiting belief and eliminate it and replace it with one that best serves us in our intentions. It takes awareness and dedication to have real time effects! Some people have instant results, others a few sessions …. and THAT issue is resolved! Lets move on to other issues if you would like to continue to erase and clean the slate! for a new life! Essentially create and tell a new story of you!


Sessions & Pricing

Private Theta Healing Sessions via: Phone, Skype/Zoom, Remote In-Person & At Select Locations

Theta Healing DNA Sessions are all 90 minutes.

One Session (90 minutes, plus a 15-minute consultation): $200

Additional time: add $50 per 30 minutes

Package Deal: purchase three 90-minute sessions at $500 (save 16%)

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